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Paver Sealing Service in Cape coral, FL

The process of a paver sealing service in Cape Coral, FL

Cleaning Before Brick Paver Sealing | Paver Protection | Paver Restoration

Before we  can do any Paver sealing it is important to the proper prep work. first thing we start with is pressure wash using our 8gpm 5000psi pressure washer and our 4 foot surface cleaner. After removing mold and weeds from pavers and cracks we spray our solution that kills all micro mold organisms as wells as weeds ants ect. below the pavers and in the cracks. after about 10 mins we risen off all debris and make sure pavers and cracks are clean!


Sanding Before Brick Paver Sealing | Paver Protection | Paver Restoration

its always important to re-sanding your pavers after a cleaning before paver sealing. keeping up on this will help hold pavers in places as well as keep mold and weeds away longer in topical want to seal after the re-sanding as the sealer will lock and hold sand in place!


Sealing Brick Paver Sealing | Paver Protection | Paver Restoration

Sealer we like to use to paver sealing is a water base product. this product is great for giving that beautiful wet look. last for 3 years its an investment you'll love! all our paver sealers we use come from Sherwin Williams along with out paints, stains, epoxy ect. going down white and drying clear you can never miss  a spot. give us a call for more detail

Brick Paver Sealing | Paver Protection | Paver Restoration


Roof Sealing

Are you getting tired of having your roof cleaned year after year? Notice every time you clean it color fades more and more? Well this might be the answer your looking for! As you can see with our paver sealer when its sealed it restores color, gives it a noticable shine and that beautiful wet look! The same sealer we use on pavers we use on roof titles. However, roof tiles will stay clean for about 5 years vs pavers at 3 years. Reason why is pavers are way more porous and have way more traffic on them .So ask about our roof sealing today!


Commercial Paver Sealing & Restoration

No matter the size job we can do it  From cleaning and sealing 32,000 sq ft of pavers for our international airport to doing home owner pool decks, we take all jobs. We have different trailers set up for either commercial or residential jobs.So no matter what the conditions are we have all proper tools to do any job! Give us a call today!


Residential Paver Sealing & Restoration

Do you own your own home and are friends with your neighbors and are needing your pavers cleaned and sealed? well if you are We have this amazing discount available in group discounts! Give us a all today and lets see how we can save you money today!

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