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Concrete grinding

Do you want to get rid of your old epoxy floor ? well concrete grinding is the answer!


do you have old epoxy or painted concrete ? well concrete grinding is the best way to do so. even if you do not have anything on concrete grinding is a very important step when coating concrete. it ruffs up the surface so that it will have a good adhesive for coatings!

when concrete grinding


couple things to keep in mind before grinding first thing is prep. first thing you want to do is make sure everything is properly moved out of the way and or covered. concrete shavings can be flung pretty far sometimes so always a good idea to tape off edging and place a foot high splash catcher. this will save you a ton of clean up time as will save you from possible having to repaint depending on area working on.

water when concrete grinding


its important to use water on concrete when grinding other wise it can lead to chipping and unsmooth surfaces.when concrete is wet and you grind it that allows the grinder to slide quickly and smoothly leaving and ideal surface to work with before coating