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Painting Interior | Exterior

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From start to finish you can always count on receiving high quality work from us. there is no step skipping or not doing something because it requires a little more work or time. we have been doing quality work for 15+ years now and leaving 'every customer with a bright smile and nothing but good words about us. we take pride in our work and goal is to achieve a perfect job. no imperfections we will go above and beyond to make sure we leave our customer thinking " there's nothing that could have come out better , this is fabolus" so make the right choice and hire a company that will stand behind their work! Painting interior & Exterior is our second nature!



exterior to interior we have over million colors you can choose from. we also apply products that go with painting for example waterproofing sealer for stucco as well as sealers for chalky paint we do it all! call today for a free estimate!



do you have some old wood needing new stain or concrete pool deck color fade ? well we can apply our wood / concrete stain. supplied by Sherwin Williams its the best products out how every we will us any product you'd like if you don't want Sherwin Williams. give us a call today for an estimate for painting or staining

Painting Interior | Exterior

Painting Prep


From Start to finish we are your one stop shop. we do all our on prep work meaning we offer all pressure cleaning and are professionally all set up for prep work. most painting company will sub out prep work, for example a lot of times well get call to come clean the house before they paint or even some home owners want their roofs cleaned and pool cages cleaned before painting so everything looks like nice in new again. well most of our competitor painting will have a pull behind pressure washer and use that to pressure wash home before painting. while this may be ok for some house it is not the case for all homes . sometimes your need special solutions to kill mold on walls or right low pressure cleaning system to clean roofs or cages ect. well we have it all. we have over 50,000$ in pressure washing equipment to make sure all prep work is done correctly and not just paint over mold.

Sealing Before Painting


are your walls chalky can you rub your hand on your wall and paint gets on your hand? well don just get your home painted and thing everything will look great this is one of the most widely made mistake. applying paint to a chalky surface is not a good idea. while it may look good for first 6mouths you will soon see your paint starting to fail by peeling, bubbling ,scraping ect. this is because the new paint does not have a good base to stick too. this is why its good to seal walls before painting. this will give a nice solid bond to wall and paint and will allow paint to last 15years plus. depending on paint quality 

Painting Interior | Exterior


from inside to out we paint everything . from walls, cabinets, screen enclosures, doors ect. theirs nothing we do not paint. using Sherwin Williams products and ass a Sherwin William preferred painted were can offer warranty not just through our company but also through Sherwin Williams . we will use any paint you like or prefer however if not preference we will use Sherwin Williams .most coats are 2 coats unless color change then may be more. give us a call today for your free estimate