SandBlasting Dry & Wet

 we offer both type of sandblasting both water and with air. their pros and cons to both but depending on what job your doing and knowing which method to use means everything. for example when sandblasting a car with the water way once you finish you'll have a layer of surface rust which is more work now where you could have used air and than no surface give us a call and let us help you get it done right! 


SandBlasting Dry

with dry sandblasting there's no surface rust that forums this ideal for sandblasting cars that are going to be painted or other metal objects. this sandblasting takes slightly longer in blasting but save time by not have to hand sand surface rust back off after . this method is more commonly used.


SandBlasting Wet

this is great for peeling up paint on concrete surfaces or even stripping sealers of paver.this method can also be used on spills such as says concrete drips, puddy spills paint spills ect. you can even use on fiberglass boats ! SandBlasting is one of the most effective ways of stripping material!

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