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Stripping Paint, Epoxy, Stain we do it all were a stripping



we have a few way we strip stains paints epoxy ect. first thing being water using a pressure washer and right tips Before Stripping. we also have a paint, stain, epoxy and sealer remover that we use.its important when stripping using chemicals to remember that the stripper can ruin other painted surfaces so its important to do the right perp work and knowing what method of stripping to use will be better!


Stripping using grinder

using our floor grinder to Stripping we are able to perp surfaces right for epoxy and other paints as well as grind off all excising paints,  epoxy, sealers ect. knowing how to use the grinder and what blade to use can mean a huge difference either in coming out great or looking horrible. give us a call and let us get it done right the first time!


stripping using SandBlasting

we offer both type of sandblasting both water and with air for Stripping. their pros and cons to both but depending on what job your doing and knowing which method to use means everything. for example when sandblasting a car with the water way once you finish you'll have a layer of surface rust which is more work now where you could have used air and than no surface give us a call and let us help you get it done right!